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Deutschsprachige Reviews

GameVision - 90%

Wow! Unglaublich was sich im Vergleich zum Vorgänger getan hat. Wurde im ersten Teil noch bemängelt, dass er zu wenig Tiefgang hätte, kann man hier über fast jeden Fitzel bestimmen. Dabei ist alles Kinderleicht zu bedienen und unglaublich einsteigerfreundlich. UFO: Aftershock hat somit definitiv den Award für Gameplay verdient. Für mich das Taktik-Strategiespiel des Jahres 2005. Wer hier nicht zugreift ist selber Schuld!

Gamershall - 88%

Ich als Fan der UFO Serie freue mich das der Entwickler Altar wieder auf alte Details zurückgegriffen hat die in der XCOM-Version vorhanden waren und bei UFO Aftermath rausgelassen wurden. Schon die Vorstellung auf der GC hatte mich überzeugt, ich denke UFO AS ist ein würdiger Nachfolger von UFO Aftermath. Ein Punkt auf den ich auch sehr grossen Wert lege, ist die Anforderung an die Hardware und ich finde hier hat man einen guten Mittelwert gefunden um möglichst viele UFO-Fans zu erfreuen. Leider hat es mir gesamthaft nicht ganz für einen Gold-Award gereicht, jedoch hat sich das Spiel rund um die Entwickler von Altar einen guten Silber-Award verdient.

Gamecaptain - 79%

Aftershock hat wieder einiges richtig gemacht, was Aftermath ausgelassen hatte. Dafür sollte man Altar Interactive schon mal loben. Der Strategiemodus ist absolut top, nur der Taktikmodus zieht alles nach unten. Das Spiel hätte es ohne diese Macken locker in die vorderen Ränge gebracht. Trotzdem bietet es aber einen sehr hohen Motivationsfaktor und für einige Stunden Spielspaß.

4Players - 76%

Ohne dieses hinfällige SAS, sondern mit einem Kampfsystem à la Jagged Alliance 2 oder der damaligen UFO-Serie hätte das Spiel locker den Gold-Award erringen können. So bleibt Aftershock leider auf einem gerade noch guten Niveau kleben. Der Kauf lohnt sich für geduldige Fans, aber Glanz und Glorie vergangener X-Com-Tage werden leider nicht erreicht.

Gbase - 75%

Eigentlich hat UFO Aftershock alles, was ein Top-Titel braucht. Viele verschiedene Gameplay-Elemente, jede Menge abwechslungsreiche Missionen, eine lange Spielzeit sowie eine motivierende Hintergrundgeschichte. Wären da nicht die vielen kleinen Macken, die den Spielspass immer wieder mächtig trüben. Vor allem die dürftige KI wie auch die eckigen Charaktermodelle lassen doch einiges zu wünschen übrig. Hinzu kommt, dass die Kämpfe ziemlich harzig und unspektakulär ablaufen. Ein bisschen mehr Action hätte hier wahrlich nicht geschadet.

GameStar - 73% (Printmagazin)

Es wäre sehr nützlich, wenn mir jemand eine eingescante oder die .pdf-Version des Tests schicken würde - friede@taktikzone.de

PC Games - 70% (Printmagazin)

Es wäre sehr nützlich, wenn mir jemand eine eingescante oder die .pdf-Version des Tests schicken würde - friede@taktikzone.de

Englischsprachige Reviews

HEXUS.gaming - n/a

So what does all this add up to? UFO: Aftershock can’t really be classed as turn based strategy as the action for both sides takes place in real-time, with the pauses coming when a new situation develops. Similarly, its not a real time strategy game because of those pauses. The downside of the SAS is that you lose all sense of urgency unless the game manages to draw you in, which it does to some small effect but not nearly enough. The upside is that control freaks with love the wealth of options for combat and though the base building and research stuff is there, it’s not nearly as tricky to get to grips with as it first appears and requires comparatively little attention.

File Rush - 85%

The worst part about my experience with Aftershock: the lack of a meaty story. I thought that since Aftershock was strictly a singleplayer game that ALTAR would have set the bar higher on RTS storylines, but alas they did not. The only thing that kept me playing was the mentality that every piece of land I "conquered" and every base I took control over made me that much more powerful in comparison to the other factions.

PC Gameworld - 84%

Worth a look for most gamers, RTS fans will want to play it, and fans of the previous title and the old X-COM games will probably love it.

Cosmos Gaming - 81%

It doesn't come to the levels of the revered X-COM, but UFO: Aftershock does outstrip it´s predecessor Aftermath, and it stands well on its own as a great mesh of genres that will provide potentially hundreds of hours of entertainment. A lot of the problems can probably be solved with patches in time, so hopefully Cenega will jump on those when they can. Even with them, though, Aftershock is an admirable title.

Deaf Gamers - 81%

I daresay many will want to compare UFO Aftershock with the old X-Com games as they are fairly similar in nature. Personally I find comparisons between the two a little unfair because when they were released the X-Com games were unlike anything we had seen and their originality was part of the appeal. It's also difficult to compare a turn-based game with a real-time game. Although UFO Aftershock can be paused (and it automatically pauses in certain situations), it still doesn't feel the same as a turn-based game. Taken on its own merits UFO Aftershock is a very good strategy game that manages to blend global strategy and tactical mission quite nicely. It's a better game than UFO Aftermath with a better storyline and generally a more complete experience.

Sunday Times - 4 von 5 (Printmagazin)

Leider keine Textstelle verfügbar...

Loadedinc - 8 von 10

Does UFO: Aftershock live up to its granddaddy, X-Com? No, but that’s hardly a fair question. ALTAR Interactive has done an admirable job of improving upon UFO: Aftermath and delivering a very deep, fun game. The learning curve is steep, but gamers who like obsessing over details will find rich, rewarding gameplay.

IGN - 75%

While UFO Aftershock has most of the components that made X-COM so enjoyable, it's just not as satisfying. The battles are far too short and far too repetitive and the campaign just seems to drag on endlessly. More recent games like Silent Storm or Commandos 3 offer just as much sophistication and loads more polish.

GameOver - 72%

And so UFO: Aftershock is one of those hit-and-miss games. It gives you some things to think about and the tactical missions work well enough, but those missions are too similar, and they just go on and on and on, well past the point of tedium. So I’d recommend that you wait for a patch to come out, and hope that the patch fixes the game’s technical problems, and then download a demo for the game, and check to see if it looks fun enough that you’d want to spend 75 hours with it.

GameCell - 7 von 10

I really don’t understand the reasoning for the removal of the turn-based system. Fans loved it – there seems to be dozens of websites dedicated to the original games. It also would not be so noticeable if everything else about Aftershock was not so obviously “borrowed” from the other games. Aftershock also uses the base and economical management from those games.

Club Skill - 7 von 10

Nonetheless, Aftershock is a massive improvement over the original game. This game continues once more what the hugely successful franchise of the XCom series started, from the Geosphere to the aliens it’s very reminiscent of the original games – just bigger, better and bolder! This will definitely appeal to strategy freaks and newcomers a like to this addictive genre. A lot of effort has gone into developing this game and it shows when you put it in your drive and play it for the first time.

Worthplaying - 68%

Overall, UFO: Aftershock is decent but could use a bit of work. The graphics need to be overhauled, the missions need to be more diverse, and I would definitely like to see a deeper diplomatic side to the game. The bottom line, however, is that if you like strategy and micromanaging a lot, you should give this a try, but if you are easily bored, you'd probably want to pass on this title.

Four Fat Chicks - 3 von 5

It's things like this that make UFO: Aftershock a highly subjective experience. Were it not for the stability and a few minor issues, I'd be giving it a Gold Star. I'm certain that there are many whose opinion of the game will differ wildly from my own, both to the positive and negative. In the end, whether or not you enjoy Aftershock depends a lot on the sort of person you are.

RewiredMind - 6 von 10

Overall, UFO: Aftershock is a micromanagement fan's dream come true, with the scope for some serious tactical manoeuvring. It’s also difficult - you are normal humans fighting mutants and monsters. The graphics are OK, the sound is good. Unfortunately the controls are clunky, the menus aren’t immediately intuitive, and the camera is the bane of my existence.

Reviews in anderen Sprachen

Score - 82% (Printmagazin)

tiscali.games -

GameStar - 72%

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