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Durchschnittliche Wertung:
86.82% bei 22 Reviews

Deutschsprachige Reviews

Leider gibt es bisher kein einziges deutschsprachiges Review.
Trotzdem ist Laser Squad Nemesis ohne Probleme auch in Deutschland über das Internet spielbar!

Englischsprachige Reviews

The Wargamer (03/2003) - 5 von 5

The Wargamer is pleased to present Codo Technologies The Wargamer Award for Excellence for Laser Squad Nemesis. The creators of X-Com have once again shown that ingenuity and stunning gameplay can make up for any perceived lack of graphical flair. This is a game that anyone can enjoy.

GamerDad (10/2003) - 5 von 5

Laser Squad Nemesis is the perfect game for anyone desiring a short tactical game that can be played against other humans... If you like war games or tactical games, only have time for a few minutes a day of gaming, or have an email friend that you wish to strike up a game with, be sure to visit Laser Squad Nemesis, download the demo, and check it out.

Computer Games (04/2002) - 94%

What it boils down to, and this is the most important factor in any game, is that it's fun. You can play a nice leisurely game, taking days between turns, or you can swap emails back and forth as fast as possible and play several games a day. I have got to say that this is easily one of the funnest games I've played in years.

Gamer´s Pulse (01/2003) - 46 von 50

Laser Squad Nemesis, with its addictive nature, fast paced player tactics, and an ever expanding community, is the turn-based strategy title any gamer should have installed on their PC. And with a price tag of 25.00 for 6 months offering unrestricted gaming or a downloadable trial how can you go wrong.

Deaf Gamers (09/2003) - 92%

Brilliant turn-based action that even modem users can fully enjoy. We should have also mentioned that LSN comes with its own map editor too. Superb value for money.

Computer Gaming World (06/2003) - 4½ von 5
[ Printmagazin ]

It has the same kind of addictive magic, suspense, and excitement that the X-Com games had, with the bonus of devious human minds in place of stilted A.I...An addictive game that'll have you pining for your next e-mail...Unlike games involving predictable AI, you'll rarely feel you're fighting your 20th battle of the same map.

Multiplayer Zone (10/2003) - 9 von 10 (R.I.P.)

The beauty of Laser Squad Nemesis is that it’s so simple yet full of possibilities, you can play the game any way you want to... Best of all though, the game is constantly being redefined, tweaked and modified to make Laser Squad Nemesis the best it can be, the introduction of The Spawn only emphasising that point even more.

PC Format (12/2002) - 88%
[ Printmagazin ]

A potential universal gaming experience...Fun classic with all the thrills of X-Com

PC Zone (09/2003) - 87%
[ Printmagazin ]

Unrivalled, both in gameplay and value for money!

PC Gamer (12/2002) - 86%
[Anmerkung: Das meisst gelesene Computerspielemagazin weltweit!]

It´s brilliant... Ideal for sneaky gaming at work!

GamerArchive (10/2003) - 86%

I’ve never been much of an internet gaming guy, always sticking to my single player games. LSN has however managed to draw me into the multiplayer side of things incredibly well. I love the intricate tactical nature of the game, although being a fan of the Xcom games probably helps that! It’s not going to be for everyone, as people who want quick thrills will be put off straight away by the world ‘turn based’ but for those of us that give it a go, were in for a real treat.

Icronticgames (09/2003) - 85%

Laser Squad Nemesis is an all round entertainer, and one that can only be recommended.

Blue Monday (06/2002) - 82% (R.I.P.)

Laser Squad Nemesis isn’t perfect (yet?), but it’s a great way to revive the excitement of X-COM’s tactical engagements. It’s been making steady progress since I started playing about a month ago, and it will certainly feel a lot more "complete" after the third race debuts, new features are added, and most of its quirks are taken out.

Ferrago (10/2003) - 81%

Actually playing LSN was like stepping back in time. It harks back to the age where patience was a required element of gaming and where multiplayer games were always accompanied by a degree of hassle. But that's just the matchmaking. The gameplay itself is sublime, simple to get to grips with but layered in complexity and depth. After setting up your force according to your strategy each player takes it in turn to watch the results of their opponent's last move then spend each of their own units' action points to try and gain the upper hand.

GamesDomain (03/2002) - 4 von 5

Even without the Spawn, though, LSN is lots of fun. Each turn is short enough to allow you to pre-plan your moves, yet long enough to contain a fair bit of action (it's entirely possible to lose a significant portion of your force in a single disastrous turn). The graphics may look a bit pixilated when you zoom in, but the great tension created when awaiting the results of your turn compensate more than fancy effects. The units and maps available present a variety of tactical options and challenges, while those terribly unpredictable humans provide the AI. Whether you challenge specific favorite opponents or get a random one through the game's matching service, you'll be presented with one of the best squad-level strategy games out there... and you'll be constantly checking your email for the arrival of the next turn.

Stratos Group (02/2003) - 4 von 5

Laser Squad Nemesis is one of the most refreshing multiplayer strategy games I've played. The 'we-go' system combines the best aspects of turn-based and real-time gameplay, while also putting the focus on predictive rather than reactive strategies. Ultimately though, the thing that really sets LSN apart is the excellent user community which forms the basis for all multiplayer interactions.

Ace Games (10/2003) - 8 von 10

...it's simple to learn and play, has good graphics and is great fun.

Frictionless Insight (03/2002) - n/a

The beauty of Laser Squad Nemesis is that it works for both of us; it presents a tightly drawn and accessible set of rules for a sleek play-by-email system that highlights the thrill of no battle plan surviving contact with the enemy. Give your orders and watch them play out against the other player's orders in slices of real time a la Combat Mission.

Counterglow (06/2002) - n/a

Good as it is, it's hard to outright recommend LSN just yet. The game has enough minor flaws and irritations to make playing it a less than 100% engaging experience at the moment. Codogames are aware of this, and are promising many improvements (including the new alien race) to the game during the first 6 months. Having delivered so much so far, and given the history of the people involved - to the best of my knowledge, these guys just about ARE squad based tactical combat - this is only the beginning.
[Extra Special plug from Gaming Socialists Anonymous: Codogames is three guys working to make a computer game and run a server. That's it. Any money you pay for LaserSquad:Nemesis goes straight to the Developer (good) and not to any greedy third party Publisher, Distributor, Retailer, or associated corporate bastard (bad). If you are tired of the, ah, recent antics of certain games companies, and are wondering if there is a better way, this is your chance to find out.]

Gamespy (02/2002) - 79%

Laser Squad Nemesis is a turn-based, real-time, e-mail strategy game. That's a genre isn't it?
Nevertheless, Laser Squad Nemesis is one of the better games to come out of the blender this year.

Gamer´s Hell (10/2003) - 78%

It plays like an interactive board game, since you make moves in turn with your opponent and since you're in control of the speed of the game. And you never know the exact outcome of each turn until you've played your move... It's the feeling of anticipation and uncertainty that makes Laser Squad Nemesis so addictive. Even if you've made a good move, you've got to wait until the other player has done his damage before it's over to you again to make up for lost time.

Adrenaline Vault (08/2002) - 3½ von 5

The unconventional email-based system applied in Laser Squad Nemesis gives it some uniqueness in a crowded strategy market, but ironically it also gives the game its greatest liability. What redeems LSN from being an exercise in tedium is that the touch of a master’s hand can be felt in almost every brushstroke. The simple yet deep strategic elements hold barrels of replay value because you seem to learn a new trick each time you compete, win or lose. It’s obvious even at a casual glance that LSN was crafted by people that have been down the road and definitely know the way to the land of strategic plentitude.

Reviews in anderen Sprachen

Domashny PK (Home PC) (12/2002) - 5 von 5 [ Russisch ]

Pelit Magazine (04/2003) - 90%
[ Das führende PC Spielemagazin in Finnland ]

Brilliant strategic net game

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