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Deutschsprachige Reviews

Spieleflut - 87%

Mit Soldiers of Anarchy gelang Silver Style der Spagat zwischen Realismus und Spielspaß ohne die Balance jemals aus den Augen zu verlieren. Der düstere Grafikstil, die packende, nicht-lineare Story, die Vielzahl der Einheiten und Waffen und die zahlreichen taktischen Möglichkeiten machen SoA zu einem der Topprodukte dieses Jahres. Einzige wirkliche Mängel sind die etwas schwache Wegfindung der Truppen und die nicht immer passende deutsche Synchronisation. Wer auf Taktik oder auch RTS steht, darf sich Soldiers of Anarchy nicht entgehen lassen!

Gamigo - 86%

Soldiers of Anarchy macht es einem wirklich nicht leicht. Hinter den offensichtlichen Schnitzern bei der Grafik, der Kameraführung und natürlich der Sprachausgabe steckt ein extrem packender und anspruchsvoller Strategietitel. Die Missionen sind sehr abwechslungsreich und geschickt aufgebaut, was für immer neue Herausforderungen sorgt. Vor allem Hardcoretaktiker werden hier voll auf ihre Kosten kommen.

PC Action - 82%

Nach dem schwachen Intro und der gähnend langweilig erzählten Vorgeschichte (Diavortrag), zog mich Soldiers of Anarchy immer mehr in seinen Bann. Der Schwierigkeitsgrad ist genau richtig, die Missionen sind spannend und abwechslungsreich, die Steuerung nahezu perfekt und das Ressourcenmanagement inklusive Rollenspielaspekt sorgt für Langzeitmotivation. Auf der anderen Seite hätte ich mir ein paar mehr taktische Möglichkeiten gewünscht.

Krawall - 81%

Würde die üble Synchronisation nicht jeden Spaß an der Story im Keim ersticken, hätte „Soldiers of Anarchy“ durchaus das Potential für den einen oder anderen Wertungspunkt mehr. Schade!

Englischsprachige Reviews

Video Game News - "Thumps Up" (=Daumen Hoch!)

Overall, however, Soldiers of Anarchy is the best squad based strategy game I've played in years. For fans of X-Com and Jagged Alliance, SoA is a must buy.

GameSpot - 81%

Despite its annoying technical issues, Soldiers of Anarchy is a lot of fun. This is true in part because of the inherent appeal of wandering around a postapocalyptic landscape and picking up cool weapons to shoot things with, but the game also features good art direction and solid scenario design. ... Soldiers of Anarchy could be a truly terrific game. Then again, Soldiers of Anarchy is still recommendable even as it stands.

DailyGame - 80%

Soldiers of Anarchy is an involving game that blurs the lines between real-time strategy and squad-based shooter. To address the soldiers' and vehicles' "drunken" pathing problems, a 37 MB patch   (login is anonymous) is now available that also adds turn-based play, enables selectable ammunition on all vehicles and weapons, improves the AI and enhances the game's multiplayer functionality. With these enhancements, Soldiers of Anarchy is sure to provide both a challenging fight and a rewarding experience for fans of RTS and squad-based games.

IGN PC - 80%

There're a lot of really cool features to this game that will keep you entertained and loving the experience. Too bad the AI can actually step in and rip the fun out of it.

Entertainment Depot - 75%

So, there's a game that's extremely difficult by technical flaws and awkward design, a poor camera, and pathfinding troubles, then why a 7? Well, it's because that no matter how much SoA annoyed me, frustrated me, or made me want to throw my mouse against the wall, it remained an incredibly addictive title.

Next Level Gaming - 4 von 6

All in all, Soldiers of Anarchy is a unique game. With its few flaws and steep learning curve, it will probably not attract the average PC gamer. But for those who are looking for a little spice in their RTS game, and are up to a challenge, this game is your savior. It’s fun to play, challenging to do well at, and all together a well made game.

GameOver - 71%

Anarchy's narrative starts off very slow. The punch or arc of the story happens late in the game. Even after a few hours, there's a sense of disconnection with the people on your squad. They aren't as eccentric as the mercenary group in Jagged Alliance. Nor are they as fleshed as the ones in Fallout. Nevertheless, it has an interesting premise to work on but after dozens of firefights, I felt it was missing something warm and comfortable to make it amiable.

Adrenaline Vault - 3½ von 5

In order to truly enjoy Soldiers of Anarchy, it's necessary to abandon all preconceived notions and accept what it has to offer, though this takes both time and patience, given the decisive victories that must be accomplished to progress through the various objectives. Because of this, it's a difficult game to recommend, though I have no doubt that it's destined to be a sleeper classic and will be remembered as fondly as its forerunners, Syndicate and Shadow Company.

GameZilla - n/a

Ein recht kurzes Review gibt es bei GameZilla, wobei das Echtzeit-Taktikspiel lediglich mit "Fans Only" charakterisiert und somit nicht besonders positiv bewertet wird... Eine zitierenswerte Textstelle habe ich nicht gefunden! ;-) [Anmerkung von friede]

Gamer´s Hell - 65%

This game is hard to compare against any other. A new step in the lagging Tactical genre, the only comparable game out there is Fallout: Tactics. As interesting as this game is, tho, lets face it. SOA is not Fallout: Tactics. A game with great potential, frustrating gameplay makes me suggest the bargain bin.
Also, I would like to make a suggestion to anyone trying to make this style of game. TURN BASED MODE. There isn't one in this game, and there were many times that it would have helped.

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