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Jagged Alliance 2: Interview mit Norman Olsen
20.07.09 - 21:34 von friede
Beim polnischen Jagged Alliance Center ist ein umfangreiches Interview Norman Olsen aus dem Entwicklerteam von Jagged Alliance 2 und auch JA2: Unfinished Business verfügbar, der als Artist u.a. maßgeblich an der Gestaltung der Umgebungsobjekte und Bodentexturen beteiligt war - Hier seine Kenntnisse zum "ersten" Jagged Alliance 3, welches aber mit Sir-Tech begraben worden ist:

    Ah, JA3... I completely forgot about that! I wasn't actually involved on that one (as I have since migrated over to Wizadry 8 at that point). I know the team started working on an early prototype. I do recall the M.E.R.C Shadow being modeled, unwrapped and textured..(and from what I recall, he was starting to look damn cool!) I also recall very early prototype level stuff.. The team was testing destructible walls as an example (it was all so early in the development stages that it wasn't even a game at that point.. more of a matter of getting the engine up and running [I beleive the engine was proprietary If I'm not mistaken] while some of the other staff set out to work on bringing some of the good old JA clan into 3d [as mentioned, Shadow for example] as well as getting some basic buildings done for testing).

    My understanding was that there was going to be some repeat characters from JA / JA2 along with some new characters. But the project was so early in development, I never got a chance to see how it turned out.
    When I left the company (it was on good terms as I had nothing against the company or anyone... I left to move to western Canada and see what the western part of my country was like), the team was still working on the prototype (up till Sir-Tech closed its doors I guess). So things like maps, weaponry and what not was completely unknown to me. I do think that the idea was to really add new and exciting stuff that didn't make it into JA 2 (there was early talk of the flame thrower again lol).

    And unlike JA2, the user would be free to rotate the camera around to get a good look at their surroundings and therefore be able to 'plan in 3d' as opposed to being stuck viewing the world from a fixed camera angle in 2d.

Was aus dem "aktuellen" Jagged Alliance 3 geworden ist, welches unter Federführung von Akella in Russland entwickelt werden sollte und worüber es seit mehr als einem Jahr keine neuen Infos gibt, ist übrigens völlig unklar.
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Interview in Englisch
Polnische Übersetzung

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